What Becomes a Diva Most?


A man with his hand up her dress putting words in her mouth. The divas in this case are Jerry Halliday’s dangerous dolls, who are demolishing audiences with comedy dynamite wherever they hit the stage. 

Halliday and his crazy cast of characters have performed in top hotel casinos across the USA including the Rio, Bally’s, Riviera and Harrah’s in Las Vegas... Resorts & Bally's in Atlantic City... as well as comedy clubs, theatres, and on board cruise ships. 

A world-class puppet designer, Jerry creates all of his own puppets and brings them astonishingly to life with his incredible skill. Even when in full view of the audience, Jerry is so accomplished at manipulating his puppets that he virtually disappears while his characters become incredibly alive as they command the full attention of his mesmerized spectators.

Halliday’s laugh-packed stage appearances are audience tested and audience approved. His living, breathing characters don’t just say funny things, they are naturally funny.  He is a true original, the best in the business at what he does. Jerry’s a big-time talent with a first-class act. Halliday’s career will go on forever because, as he says, “I’d rather be a first-rate me than a second-rate somebody else.”

“Jerry Halliday gives a strong polished act with a lot of laughs, brisk barbs, rapid-fire repartee and clever comedy material”   

The Las Vegas-Review Journal

“Jerry Halliday pulls out all the stops, pausing only for laughs"  

The Reno Gazette

Jerry is “bawdily funny and not to be missed”

The Boston Globe